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    Frequently asked questions:

    Why should I have my own website?

    There is a listing of excellent reasons to create your own website, if you’re in business. If you would like our support, contact us these days. Tell us regarding your business and find our FREE consulting on however you’ll be able to do business on-line, or however a web site will facilitate your business to grow. we’ve got answers for you.

    Why would I want web development or a database driven site?

    If your site has to be updated frequently, even in a small scale – A database driven website will allow those without any design or development experience to make changes, updates, additions or deletions thus saving money on maintenance contracts.

    If you’re planning on having your website interact with the user in any way other than simply displaying your web page’s information, you’d want a database driven site. Web programming handles everything from a simple feedback form to a complex e-commerce system.

    What web application programming languages and technologies does the The Technofiz use?

    PHP, JavaScript, HTML, MS SQL, MS Access MySQL, XML, DHTML, ASP.NET etc.

    How can Technofiz help me?

    We can provide the web consultancy necessary to help you determine what the programming and other requirements will be. As a complete custom solution provider, we can also provide the full range of Internet business services, so whatever your web development requirements, we can provide the solution.

    What options do I have for maintenance of my site?

    Technofiz solutions can offer you a complete Web Maintenance Support Plan. From minor to major changes, a support plan will offer you the convenience and flexibility of updating, modifying or adding to your website with the relative ease of a phone call or an email to Technofiz. In addition, a support contact can offer you the benefits of Online Marketing and hosting services for improved website performance.

    Alternatively, should you wish to manage your own website, a custom built web editing software (Content Management Solution or CMS) will be created for you.

    How long does it take to complete my website?

    An average site of 5 – 10 pages would normally take 2-4 weeks. However, this depends on the complexity of the pages and also on the participation level of the customer. It is crucial for the customer to provide. Technofiz with all requested information on a timely basis. We will involve the customer as much (or as little!) as they desire. Some prefer to be part of the process along every step, while others would rather let us use make decisions based on our past experiences.

    Can I edit my own website?

    Yes, if you request to have our easy to edit web application (CMS) installed, this would be an additional cost. You can easily log into a web browser to make changes to your own site. This is a very popular option for businesses that would prefer to save money by making their own site updates.

    How will our company / I and Technofiz communicate? How can you guarantee that we will get our required updates without fail?

    We have technical team with team leaders and Project managers, apart from this, we also have the company Managers. You can feel free to contact us all. We try to do one-on-one email replies, and we schedule daily/weekly updates before even starting the project.